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Documentary Screening: MYTH

This documentary tells the story of the life and death of Wassyl Slipak, an opera singer with a worldwide reputation and a unique voice, who left his career in Europe and joined the ranks of volunteers when the war came...

/ December 9, 2017

The Fight for Democratic Values in Ukraine: Confronting Propaganda and Corruption

Please join the Ukrainian Students Society and the Ukrainian Studies Program at the Harriman Institute, Columbia University for a presentation by Taras Shevchenko and Yulia Marushevska. After the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine, Taras Shevchenko and Euromaidan activists co-founded the Reanimation Package of Reforms (RPR),...

/ December 5, 2017

Halloween At the Mansion

Celebrate Halloween at the National Historic Landmark Mansion of the Ukrainian Institute of America! Set in a magnificent French Gothic turn of the century mansion, this wicked Costume Ball is the premier NYC Halloween dance party. Are the spirits of...

/ October 27, 2017

Film screening: “Mirrored Mountains. Altay”

On Thursday, October 26th, please join us for “Mirrored Mountains. Altay”, a film screening and Q&A with Director Alexandra Marchenko. Altai Mountains is a unique natural preserve. The beauty of its mountains, rivers and forests is fascinating and breathtaking. A few years ago WWF...

/ October 26, 2017

LGBT Discourse in Ukraine

Please join the Harriman Institute and the Institute for the Study of Human Rights (ISHR) at Columbia for a talk with Olena Semenova, co-chair of the Ukrainian LGBT organization LIGA. Professor Tanya Domi (SIPA/Harriman) will moderate. Olena Semenova is the co-chair of the Ukrainian...

/ October 11, 2017

Putin’s politics and collective memories in Russia (2013-2015)

On September 29th, 2017 please join us for a lecture entitled “Putin’s politics and collective memories in Russia (2013-2015)” by Julia Sweet, PhD Candidate at Rutgers University. The event is part of the Occasional series, sponsored by the Jordan Center...

/ September 29, 2017

Inheriting the bomb: Soviet collapse and denuclearization of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine, 1990-1994

The dramatic collapse of the Soviet empire in 1991 presented the world with an unprecedented challenge: some 29,000 Soviet strategic and tactical nuclear weapons suddenly found themselves on the territory of not one but four new sovereign nations: the Russian...

/ September 26, 2017

Russia and the Ukraine Crisis

On Thursday, September 14th, please join us for the 2017 Annual Distinguished Lecture featuring Timothy J. Colton, Morris and Anna Feldberg Professor of Government and Russian Studies at Harvard University, who will speak on “Russia and the Ukraine Crisis”. The...

/ September 14, 2017

What is Putin’s call for UN peacekeepers in Ukraine really about?

The latest proposal of the Kremlin on Ukraine may be more Trojan Horse than olive branch.

/ September 14, 2017

Three Years Since Crimean Annexation and the Start of Donbas Fighting: The Dynamics of the Crisis/Conflict over Ukraine

Please join us for a talk with Volodymyr Dubovyk, Associate Professor at the Department of International Relations and Director of the Center for International Studies at the Odesa I. Mechnikov National University. Volodymyr Dubovyk is an Associate Professor at the...

/ April 19, 2017