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James Cuno: Cultural Heritage in Conflict Zones

International Observatory for Cultural Heritage – Lecture: Protecting the Past for the Future James Cuno draws fire when arguing against the repatriation of some museum artifacts. This event examines his view that cultural property should be recognized as the legacy of humankind,...

/ February 16, 2018

Bernard-Henri Lévy’s paean to Kurdish soldiers

In his new political film The Battle of Mosul, the French intellectual follows a group of Iraqi Kurdish soldiers.

/ April 6, 2017

Massimiliano Gatti: The Day Memory Dissolved

Exhibition: An artistic perspective on endangered archaeological sites in the Middle East.

/ October 18, 2016
United Nations Security Council

Russia and the US continue sparring in the Security Council

Secretary Kerry accused Russian officials of living in a "parallel universe" when it comes to Syria.

/ September 27, 2016

Max Weber Guest Lecture: Democratic Interventionism: Syria and the “Refugee Crisis”

Reinhard Merkel, professor criminal law and philosophy of law at the University of Hamburg, delivers the annual Max Weber Guest Lecture. Via Deutsches Haus NYU: In its first part, Reinhard Merkel’s talk will deal with the question of whether there...

/ March 11, 2016

Facing a World in Crisis, Can Europe Speak with One Voice?

Um … No? For a (possibly) more optimistic perspective, mosey down to the French Consulate Tuesday evening to hear Pierre Vimont and Adam Tooze guide Europe through its many entanglements—from Ukraine in the east, to Syria in the near east,...

/ February 9, 2016