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“Roots of Russia’s War in Ukraine”

A talk with co-authors Elizabeth A. Wood (MIT), William E. Pomeranz (Kennen Institute) and E. Wayne Merry (American Foreign Policy Council) on their new book. From the Harriman Institute: In February 2014, Russia initiated a war in Ukraine, its reasons...

/ March 10, 2016

Afghan Modern: The History of a Global Nation

A talk with Robert D. Crews, professor at Stanford, on his book Afghan Modern: The History of a Global Nation, which discusses the place of Afghans in the global world. Crews will focus on Afghan interactions with Russia, the USSR...

/ March 9, 2016

Russian Economic Sanctions and Energy Outlook

A discussion with Ambassador Dan Friend, an architect of the sanctions program against Russia. Registration is required. For information contact energypolicy@columbia.edu

/ March 9, 2016

Opening: Overstate, Understate, Tell theTruth: Paintings from St. Petersburg, New York, and Yerevan

Paintings by Benjamin Lussier, a PhD candidate in Columbia’s Department of Slavic Language and Literatures. From the artist: I began this series of paintings about 8 months ago when I decided to take my easel abroad with me to Saint...

/ March 3, 2016

Russian Film Series: “12”

From the Harriman Institute: In Moscow, 12 jurors weigh the fate of a teenager (Apti Magamaev) accused of murdering his stepfather. They represent a cross-section of modern Russia’s fractured society: an indecisive television producer, a flashy musician, a bigoted cabbie,...

/ March 3, 2016

Russia Hands Reunion: Covering Moscow Under Communism, Yeltsin and Putin

A conference featuring journalists who covered Russia and the USSR. Sponsored by the Harriman Institute and the Overseas Press Club of America. Registration required. Sign up here.

/ February 24, 2016

Blogspotting: Tour the ‘deteriorating Russian zeitgeist,’ resist the pollocracy

Shortly before Russia’s 2011–2012 “Snow Revolution,” in which journalists and dissidents rallied against a flawed election process (“flawed” sounds like an understatement to be honest), Thomas Campbell began to follow the rise of a vigorous social movement germinating in Russia’s...

/ February 18, 2016

The International Dimension of Autocratization

Anastassia V. Obydenkova, a fellow at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian studies at Harvard, on the comparative politics of the post-Soviet states. This event will take place in Room 1201 of Columbia’s International Affairs Building.

/ February 16, 2016

Understanding and Preserving 18th-Century Architecture in Soviet and Contemporary Russia

A talk with Lev Maciel, Associate Professor at the National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow.

/ February 16, 2016

German-EU-Russian Relations: Dissolution of “Strategic” and “Modernization” Partnerships

Hannes Adomeit, a fellow at the Transatlantic Academy, on the strained relations between Germany and Russia. Will German and European-Russian relations inevitably return to “business as usual”? Or, are we witnessing the beginning of a prolonged phase of alienation between...

/ February 15, 2016