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Roundtable: Is Russia a Threat to the Western Balkans?

Please join us for a roundtable discussion with Dimitar Bechev (UNC-Chapel Hill), Tanya Domi (Columbia SIPA/Harriman Institute), Jasmin Mujanović (Fellow, EastWest Institute), and Srdjan Vucetic (University of Ottawa). Is Russia threatening to disrupt more than two decades’ of EU and U.S. efforts to promote stability in post-communist Southeast...

/ November 1, 2017

100 Year Anniversary of the 1917 Revolution- What Were They Thinking?

Please join us on October 18th, 2017 for “What Were They Thinking? Russian intellectuals interpret the revolution, 1917-1922”, a talk by Jane Burbank, Professor of History & Russian & Slavic Studies. This is the second event in the lecture series entitled “100 Year Anniversary of...

/ October 18, 2017

The Kremlin’s Wars on the Internet

Please join the Harriman Institute and the Technology, Media and Communications (TMaC) specialization at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs for a talk with investigative journalists Irina Borogan and Andrei Soldatov. Together, Borogan and Soldatov have co-authored The Restoration of Russia’s Security State and the Enduring...

/ October 18, 2017

1980s: The Golden Age of Russian Rock

 On Thursday, October 5th please join the Jordan Center for “1980s: The “Golden Age” of Russian Rock, Part 2″ featuring Michael (Misha) Danilin from New York University. This event is part of the Occasional Series, sponsored by the NYU Jordan Center for the...

/ October 5, 2017

Empress of the East: How a European Slave Became Queen of the Ottoman Empire

The extraordinary story of the Russian slave girl Roxelana, who rose from concubine to become the only queen of the Ottoman empire. In Empress of the East, historian Leslie Peirce tells the remarkable story of a Christian slave girl, Roxelana, who...

/ October 3, 2017

Putin’s politics and collective memories in Russia (2013-2015)

On September 29th, 2017 please join us for a lecture entitled “Putin’s politics and collective memories in Russia (2013-2015)” by Julia Sweet, PhD Candidate at Rutgers University. The event is part of the Occasional series, sponsored by the Jordan Center...

/ September 29, 2017

“100 Year Anniversary of the 1917 Revolution” – What’s in a Year? Doubts about the Great Event

Please join us on September 20th, 2017 for “What’s in a Year? Doubts about the Great Event”, a talk by Yanni Kotsonis, Professor of History, Russian & Slavic Studies at NYU and Emeritus Director of the Jordan Center. This is the first...

/ September 20, 2017

Russia and the Ukraine Crisis

On Thursday, September 14th, please join us for the 2017 Annual Distinguished Lecture featuring Timothy J. Colton, Morris and Anna Feldberg Professor of Government and Russian Studies at Harvard University, who will speak on “Russia and the Ukraine Crisis”. The...

/ September 14, 2017

What is Putin’s call for UN peacekeepers in Ukraine really about?

The latest proposal of the Kremlin on Ukraine may be more Trojan Horse than olive branch.

/ September 14, 2017

Combat in and with the Desert: Three Russian Travelogues about Turkmenia and Their Environmental Significance

On May 12th, 2017 please join us for a lecture entitled “Combat in and with the Desert: Three Russian Travelogues about Turkmenia and Their Environmental Significance” by Katharine Holt, University of St. Andrews in Scotland. The event is part of the Occasional series, sponsored by...

/ May 12, 2017