Tag: Politics

Good (and Bad) Governance in Europe: The Historical Designs of Corruption Control

A talk with Alina Mugniu-Pippidi, professor at the Herite School of Governance, on government and corruption in the European states. From the Harriman Institute: Nobody is beyond suspicion and good governance is the exception, not the rule. In her upcoming...

/ February 29, 2016

“Post-Communist Mafia State: The Case of Hungary”

Bálint Magyar presents his book on corruption and politics in post-Communist Hungary. Post-Communist Mafia State: The Case of Hungary is a collection of Magyar’s Hungarian writings in translation. He will discuss his book with Professor Andrew Arato.

/ February 25, 2016

German-EU-Russian Relations: Dissolution of “Strategic” and “Modernization” Partnerships

Hannes Adomeit, a fellow at the Transatlantic Academy, on the strained relations between Germany and Russia. Will German and European-Russian relations inevitably return to “business as usual”? Or, are we witnessing the beginning of a prolonged phase of alienation between...

/ February 15, 2016

Blogging Russia

Thomas Campbell is a St. Petersburg-based writer and activist who has been writing and blogging about Russian grassroots politics since 2008. With Professor Eliot Borenstein (NYU), Campbell will discuss protest movements, urban development, political prisoners and more.

/ February 10, 2016

How Are the EU Institutions Responding to Europe’s ‘Polycrises’?

Klaus Welle, the Secretary-General of the European Parliament, will be at Deutsches Haus to tell us how well the EU is handling it’s months of many misfortunes. Who will take bets on the answer? RSVP by sending an email to...

/ February 8, 2016

“Religion, Secularism and Constitutional Democracy”

Come hear Jean Cohen talk about the book she co-edited with Cécile Laborde on “Religion, Secularism and Constitutional Democracy.” With the days before the US presidential election ticking by, and religious tension on the rise in Europe for oh so...

/ February 1, 2016