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Video: A Buddhist priest reclaims the swastika in New York City

T. K. Nakagaki, a priest from Japan, has written a book on the original meaning of the swastika.

/ February 23, 2018

We Indict! Unraveling Structural Racism in Germany

Opening: Thursday, February 8, 6:00-9:00pm We Indict! is an exhibition about grassroots activism, social engagement, and creating alternatives to existing legal systems. At its center is a Tribunal initiated by hundreds of anti-racist activists in Germany and assembled under the label...

/ February 8, 2018

The NSU Complex

In 1998, Intelligence agents followed three young neo-Nazis to a garage where they were assembling pipe bombs. The neo-Nazis evaded arrest, went underground, and formed the National Socialist Underground (NSU), a small, violent group that became the most lethal German...

/ February 6, 2018

The three words forbidden in Poland

On Friday, the lower house of the Polish parliament approved a bill which forbids people to link Auschwitz with Poland.

/ January 26, 2018

Aldo Finzi at Carnegie Hall, with Garden State Philharmonic

Aldo Finzi: Concert at Carnegie Hall, Stern Auditorium, Perelman Stage Sunday, December 17, 2017, 8:00 P.M. For the first time in New York, the Garden State Philharmonic will perform the compositions of Aldo Finzi, a talented Jewish composer born in...

/ December 17, 2017

SATContemporary Reading Series: Thinking Time

Thinking Time tells the story of two women who face the same predicament despite being several generations apart: Nina is infatuated by a Roma street musician; her grandmother Ruth reminisces about her love for a Nazi officer in German-occupied Norway. Navigating...

/ February 13, 2017
Eiffel Tower

How to fight Nazis with art

Surrealism and politics meet in The Last Days of New Paris.

/ December 5, 2016