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What is a ‘Minor’ Literature? Somali Italian Literature and Beyond

Simone Brioni (Stony Brook University): What is a ‘Minor’ Literature? Somali Italian Literature and Beyond. Moderator: Pier Mattia Tommasino (Columbia University) My paper analyses to what extent Deleuze and Guattari’s definition of the three main features of ‘minor literature’ – namely ‘the deterritorialization of...

/ September 28, 2017

What’s Old is New: Gender and Power in Iliazd’s Neglected Rapture

On May 4th, 2017 please join us for “What’s Old is New: Gender and Power in Iliazd’s Neglected Rapture”. The event is part of the Occasional series, hosted by the Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia and co-sponsored...

/ May 4, 2017

Lecture: Dante and English Romanticism. Voicing Freedoms

A lecture by Diego Saglia (Università di Parma). Between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, British culture saw a surge in the interest in Dante and his Divina Commedia. Writers, artists, translators and critics engaged with his figure and work with...

/ April 18, 2017

Symposium: De Vulgari Eloquentia: Dante’s Laboratory of Vernacular Speech

The Global Dante Project of New York. Directors: Maria Luisa Ardizzone (NYU) and Teodolinda Barolini (Columbia University). A one-day international symposium by The Global Dante Project of New York on Dante’s De vulgari eloquentia. Presented by NYU’s Department of Italian Studies, Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò and Medieval and Renaissance Center....

/ April 7, 2017

Changing Subject: The New York Literature of European Migrants, 1880-1940

A lecture by Martino Marazzi (University of Milan). Professor Marazzi will offer a critical presentation of his most recent research, which will be a part of the forthcoming edited volume The History of New York City Literature (Cambridge University Press). The...

/ March 28, 2017

Jewish Identity in Question: The Legacy of Irène Némirovsky

Irène Némirovsky (1903-1942) was a Russian Jewish immigrant to France who achieved a brilliant career as a novelist during the 1930s but was deported as a “foreign Jew” in 1942 and died in Auschwitz.  Némirovsky’s tragic fate mirrors that of...

/ March 27, 2017

Deconstructing the Culture of Post-truth Under Slobodan Milošević: Milica Mićić Dimovska, her Novel Mrena, and its new Translation as the Cataract

Please join the Njegos Endowment for Serbian Language and Culture at Columbia University’s East Central European Center and the Harriman Institute for a lecture by Jasmina Lukić, Professor, Department of Gender Studies, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary and Sibelan Forrester, Susan W. Lippincott Professor of Modern...

/ March 22, 2017

Borderline Experiences: Ethics, Architecture and Migration

A lecture by Hana Gruendler, Kunsthistorisches Institut/Max Planck Institut, Florence Drawing on Wittgenstein, Thomas Bernhard and the history of psychiatric architecture, Hana Gruendler will analyze the notion of physical and psychic borders, not least in contemporary discussions of alterity and...

/ March 9, 2017

French Literature In the Making: Raphaël Enthoven in conversation with Olivier Barrot

Florence Gould Event Raphaël Enthoven is a professor of French literature and philosophy best known for his radio program New Paths of Knowledge on France Culture. While he became an iconic radio personality, he also successively taught at the Université...

/ March 6, 2017
All Quiet on the Western Front

War in the hospital, war on the page

All Quiet on the Western Front as history and philosophy.

/ March 3, 2017