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Serbia and Kosovo are pluming their war feathers

A series of incidents have revealed a gaping chasm in relations between the two governments.

/ March 16, 2017

Bombed, burned and razed in the Balkans

Destruction of mosques, churches and libraries should be evidence of genocide, researcher argues.

/ February 27, 2017

Wake up, Web: Kosovo exists!

Tech-savvy Kosovars wonder: Why wait for recognition from Capo Verde or Nepal when Facebook and Microsoft acknowledge Kosovo?

/ September 26, 2016

“The Unidentified”

The Unidentified follows two story lines that focus on large-scale state-sponsored wrongdoing—war crimes in four Kosovo villages and the subsequent cover-up operation. Both victims and perpetrators recall gruesome memories of the attacks, when scores of ethnic Albanian civilians were killed...

/ February 22, 2016