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We Are Young. We Are Strong.

From the Goethe-Institut: “We are young. We are strong. recounts the incident of violent xenophobic riots in Rostock in 1992 from the perspectives of three very different characters. Lien is a Vietnamese woman who settled in Germany, but at the...

/ September 30, 2016

Charmed Visions: E. T. A. Hoffman’s “Sandman” on Screen

A talk by Professor Elisabeth Bronfen. Hardly another German gothic story has had as sustained an impact as E.T.A. Hoffmann’s The Sandman. One year after the end of the first World War, Sigmund Freud places it at the center of...

/ September 19, 2016

German Movie Night: “Master of the Universe”

March’s German Movie Night at the Goethe-Institut features Marc Bauder’s 2013 “Master of the Universe.” From Goethe-Institut New York: Rainer Voss used to be one of Germany’s leading investment bankers. He generated profits running into many millions of euros. Now...

/ March 18, 2016

German Movie Night: “Lila Lila”

Alain Gsponer’s 2009 film follows the love-struck David, who impresses his beloved, the literature student Marie, when he publishes a novel. Too bad it isn’t his …

/ February 26, 2016

Aftermaths: Repression, Participation and Retribution in East Central Europe

A two-day symposium on political participation in repressive regimes in Central Europe and the Eastern Bloc. Full conference schedule available here.

/ February 19, 2016

Berlin Cultural Transformations

Let’s talk urban culture. Four NYU professors will talk with Bernd Schere, the director of the Berlin’s Haus der Kulturen der Welt about the evolution of cultural life in Germany’s first city. Also in the lineup: Ulrich Baer, Manthia Diawara,...

/ February 16, 2016

German-EU-Russian Relations: Dissolution of “Strategic” and “Modernization” Partnerships

Hannes Adomeit, a fellow at the Transatlantic Academy, on the strained relations between Germany and Russia. Will German and European-Russian relations inevitably return to “business as usual”? Or, are we witnessing the beginning of a prolonged phase of alienation between...

/ February 15, 2016