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If Not Us, Who?

In the early 60s, Bernward Vesper and fellow university student Gudrun Ensslin begin a passionate love in the stifling atmosphere of provincial West Germany. Sensitive to the increasing restlessness of the times, the fiery couple lash out at the denial...

/ October 28, 2016

The Tunnels

Deutsches Haus at NYU presents a reading by the author Greg Mitchell from his recent nonfiction book The Tunnels: Escapes Under the Berlin Wall and the Historic Films the JFK White House Tried to Kill, followed by a conversation with...

/ October 28, 2016

Film Weekend: Alexander Kluge

Legendary filmmaker and thinker Alexander Kluge comes to New York for a long weekend of events, including a soiree with literature, film, and music with special guest Ben Lerner at the Goethe-Institut (October 23), film screenings at Anthology Film Archives...

/ October 22, 2016

Studying and Working Germany

Visit the Goethe-Institute on October 21 to talk to representatives from the German general Consulate, German Academic Exchange Service, German universities, and other German organizations. From the Goethe-Institute: The Goethe-Institut, together with its partners, showcases excellent opportunities for German speakers...

/ October 21, 2016
Peter Wohlleben

Peter Wohlleben shows off “The Hidden Life of Trees”

The German naturalist tells us that trees have feelings too

/ October 16, 2016

The Forest for the Trees

Awkward but idealistic teacher Melanie leaves her rural town and lover behind for a job in the city. Socially inept and sorely lacking in disciplinary skills, she is ill-equipped to deal with her unruly students and dismissive colleagues. She tries...

/ October 13, 2016

Game Night

From the Goethe-Institut: “Over the last decade, German style board games have revolutionized the gaming world. The coveted “Spiel des Jahres” award, awarded annually by a German-speaking jury, has produced such hits as Settlers of Catan, which has accrued legions...

/ October 7, 2016

Johann Friedrich Cotta—Publisher, Statesman, Entrepreneur

A talk by Dr. Bernhard Fischer, director of the Goethe- and Schiller-Archive in Weimar. Johann Friedrich Cotta (1764–1832) was one of the most fascinating personalities of the so-called Goethezeit in Germany. Born in 1764, he took part in every sphere...

/ October 7, 2016

We Are Young. We Are Strong.

From the Goethe-Institut: “We are young. We are strong. recounts the incident of violent xenophobic riots in Rostock in 1992 from the perspectives of three very different characters. Lien is a Vietnamese woman who settled in Germany, but at the...

/ September 30, 2016

Charmed Visions: E. T. A. Hoffman’s “Sandman” on Screen

A talk by Professor Elisabeth Bronfen. Hardly another German gothic story has had as sustained an impact as E.T.A. Hoffmann’s The Sandman. One year after the end of the first World War, Sigmund Freud places it at the center of...

/ September 19, 2016