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How Anaïs Michel brought comedy to the world of documentary filmmaking

Born and raised in Paris, the filmmaker is now working on the new Lena Dunham show.

/ October 24, 2017

La Commune (Paris, 1871) by Peter Watkins; Cinema of Resistance Series

Free and open to the public. Subtitles are in English. Screening introduced by Emmanuelle Saada. On a stage-like set, more than 200 actors interpret characters of the 1871 Paris Commune, especially the Popincourt neighborhood in the XIth arrondissement. They voice...

/ October 17, 2017

France needs the United States at the U.N., says envoy

France’s top envoy to the UN, François Delattre, calls for the United States to remain committed to the United Nations and world affairs.

/ October 9, 2017

Leading the bilingual revolution

An interview with Fabrice Jaumont, education attaché at the French Embassy to the United States, about his book The Bilingual Revolution and the importance of learning a second language.

/ October 6, 2017

Inside the Battle of Algiers: Memoir of a Woman Freedom Fighter

The New Book Series at the Hagop Kevorkian Center features new publications in the interdisciplinary field of Middle East Studies. This gripping insider’s account chronicles how and why the author, as a young French-educated woman in 1950s Algiers, joined the...

/ September 21, 2017

Cixousversaire: A Celebration of Hélène Cixous

World renowned and revered French writer, literary critic, and philosopher Hélène Cixous celebrates her 80th birthday in 2017. To mark this occasion, New York University is organizing a major event that will bring Hélène Cixous to the Washington Square Campus...

/ September 14, 2017

Oral Histories of the November 13 Terrorist Attacks in Paris and of September 11 in the U.S

To RSVP, please click here. Christian Delage discusses a research program he led with the Institut d’Histoire du Temps Present (IHTP) that involved filming the testimonies of the women and men who lived through the terrorist attacks in Paris and St....

/ September 13, 2017

Watch: French Elections, explained

Hugo Bouvard discusses the results of the first round of the French elections with Simone Somekh.

/ April 26, 2017

Kojève! 4 Presentations and a Discussion on the thought of Alexandre Kojève by NYU Faculty

On Tuesday, April 18th please join The Center for International Research in the Humanities & Social Sciences and The Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia for “‘Kojève!’ 4 Presentations and a Discussion on the thought of Alexandre Kojève”...

/ April 18, 2017

The Hexagon and the Triangle: Experiencing and Pondering France, the Americas, and the Black Atlantic

Lecture by Maboula Soumahoro To RSVP, pleae click here. This presentation will seek to expose and discuss some of the questions raised in Maboula Soumahoro’s work-in- progress: a study devoted to the processes of racialization and expressions of blackness in...

/ April 12, 2017