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Watch: French Elections, explained

Hugo Bouvard discusses the results of the first round of the French elections with Simone Somekh.

/ April 26, 2017

Kojève! 4 Presentations and a Discussion on the thought of Alexandre Kojève by NYU Faculty

On Tuesday, April 18th please join The Center for International Research in the Humanities & Social Sciences and The Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia for “‘Kojève!’ 4 Presentations and a Discussion on the thought of Alexandre Kojève”...

/ April 18, 2017

The Hexagon and the Triangle: Experiencing and Pondering France, the Americas, and the Black Atlantic

Lecture by Maboula Soumahoro To RSVP, pleae click here. This presentation will seek to expose and discuss some of the questions raised in Maboula Soumahoro’s work-in- progress: a study devoted to the processes of racialization and expressions of blackness in...

/ April 12, 2017

The French National Front and Beyond: A Global Populist Moment?

Held two weeks before the first round of French 2017 presidential elections (April 23), this conference will take stock of the current ‘populist moment’—in France and elsewhere—as a historical phenomenon and an object of study. Established and emerging scholars from...

/ April 7, 2017

Masters of the Graphic Novel

Blutch and Charles Burns in conversation with Françoise Mouly To RSVP, please click here. French cartoonist Blutch and American Charles Burns are both known for their poignant graphic storytelling, distinctive mastering of black and white and exploration of art forms...

/ April 6, 2017

Bernard-Henri Lévy’s paean to Kurdish soldiers

In his new political film The Battle of Mosul, the French intellectual follows a group of Iraqi Kurdish soldiers.

/ April 6, 2017

Revisiting the Myth of the Suez Canal: French Writers and Travelers in Egypt around 1869

Join the Middle East Institute for a guest lecture with Sarga Moussa. The opening of the Suez Canal (1869) was celebrated as a world event (thousands of personalities from both ‘West’ and ‘East’ were invited by the Khedive Ismaïl), but...

/ April 5, 2017

Unearthing the French Jewish resistance

Ariane Bois’s novel Our Brothers’ Keeper captures the experience of Jewish resistance in Vichy France.

/ March 28, 2017

Jewish Identity in Question: The Legacy of Irène Némirovsky

Irène Némirovsky (1903-1942) was a Russian Jewish immigrant to France who achieved a brilliant career as a novelist during the 1930s but was deported as a “foreign Jew” in 1942 and died in Auschwitz.  Némirovsky’s tragic fate mirrors that of...

/ March 27, 2017

Drawing’s Stepchild: How Lithography Transformed the Visual Universe of Nineteenth-Century France

Patricia Mainardi Book Event and Illustrated Lecture Lithography was invented around 1800 as a commercial technology, but artists soon adopted it. They favored its immediacy over more traditional engraving, and it soon became the preferred medium for caricature, landscape and...

/ March 21, 2017