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New Nordic Cinema: 7 Sámi Stories

Seven short films by Sámi filmmakers from Norway, Sweden and Finland. Full lineup available here. $10 admission. $7 American-Scandinavian Foundation members. In Norwegian, Swedish and Sámi with English subtitles.

/ February 17, 2016

Too Black to be French?

Race and the legacies of colonialism come together in Isabelle Boni-Claverie’s film Trop noire pour etre française? (Too Black to be French?). From NYU’s Institute of French Studies: [Boni-Claverie] uses the lens of her family and personal history as the...

/ February 17, 2016

New Nordic Cinema: Armi Alive!/Armi elää!

Jörg Donner directs this film about a threatre troupe exploring the life of Armi Ratia, founder of the Finnish design house Marimekko. From Scandinavia House: Leading up to the play, the theater group bombards Maria, who is playing the lead...

/ February 12, 2016