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The Last Family, directed by Jan P. Matuszynski

The painter, photographer, and sculptor Zdzislaw Beksinski was a master of so-called dystopian surrealism. The Last Family, an exciting debut by director Jan P. Matuszynski, renders Beksinski’s home life as a vivid and affecting succession of near-death experiences and psychodramatic...

/ March 16, 2017

Carte Blanche

Inspired by incredible but true events, Carte Blanche is the uplifting story of a charismatic high school history teacher named Kacper (Andrzej Chyra) who hides his worsening blindness from everyone around him in order to fulfill his educational duties. Kacper’s...

/ March 5, 2017

Screening of Assunta Spina (1915)

This screening is part of Primi al Cinema, a new Casa Italiana series dedicated to debut films, American and New York premieres and other cinematographic novelties from and about Italy. Assunta Spina (1915) (Silent, Italy, 71 min.) Directed by Francesca...

/ March 3, 2017

Review: Toni Erdmann puts one over on the Eurocrats

An unflattering view of European integration, a screwball comedy about a goofy dad.

/ March 1, 2017

To Dziga Vertov, Artist of the Revolution

On February 24th, please join us for “To Dziga Vertov, Artist of the Revolution” featuring John MacKay of Yale University. The event is part of the Occasional series, sponsored by the Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia. Dziga Vertov unquestionably saw...

/ February 24, 2017

Film Screening & Discussion – Music of Survival: the Story of the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus, With Director Orest Sushko

Please join the Ukrainian Film Club at Columbia University for a screening of the film Music of Survival: The Story of the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus, followed by a discussion with director Orest Sushko. The story of the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus is one...

/ February 9, 2017

BlaxploItalian: 100 Years of Blackness in Italian Cinema

On the occasion of Black History Month 2017: New York Premiere Preview Screening of Blaxploitalian: 100 Years of Italian Cinema (2016; documentary; 65 min.) In English and Italian with English subtitles. Directed by Fred Kudjo Kuwornu. BlaxploItalian is a diasporic, hybrid, critical, and...

/ February 7, 2017

Screening: Fellini’s “Roma” (Criterion Collection Release Presentation)

On the occasion of The Criterion Collection’s release of the film: Roma (Italy, 1972, 120min.) In ITALIAN with ENGLISH subtitles Directed by Federico Fellini. Written by Federico Fellini and Bernardino Zapponi. Followed by a Q&A. Travelogue, memoir, and outrageous cinematic spectacle converge...

/ December 16, 2016

41 PARALLELO Double Feature: Nottetempo and Negli Occhi (documentary)

In collaboration with Napoli Film Festival. All films are in ITALIAN with ENGLISH subtitles. Nottetempo [Nighttime] (Italy, 2016, 90 min.) by Francesco Prisco (Past Napoli Film Festival Winner) An bus accident. This is the beginning of a story that will unite the lives of...

/ November 30, 2016

41 PARALLELO Screenings: 5 Shorts + Bellocchio’s The Conviction

In collaboration with Napoli Film Festival. All films are in ENGLISH or have ENGLISH subtitles. 5 Short Films from the Napoli Film Festival (84 min.): Once Upon a Time a Kid (Winner of Best Short Film) (Poland, 2016, 25 min.) by Francesco Eramo Tom is a...

/ November 29, 2016