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Tangents of Desire

A lecture by Carla Freccero of UC Santa Cruz on feminist and queer approahces to Rabelais, Petrach, Marguerite de Navarre and others. From Casas Italiana: Through the figure of touch and the contingencies of the tangent, this paper explores textual...

/ February 23, 2016

Reading: Inaugural Irish Fiction Laureate Anne Enright

Anne Enright is a winner of the Man-Booker prized and Ireland first laureate for fiction. Her most recent novel is called The Green Road, published by W. W. Norton.

/ February 18, 2016

Mute Memory: Ahmed Bouanani’s Morocco

Omar Berrada speaks about the reclusive auteur Ahmed Bouanani. From the website of La Maison Française: L’hôpital is a cult classic of contemporary Moroccan literature. Mirage is widely considered to be one of the most important feature films made in...

/ February 11, 2016

French Literature in the Making: Pierre Bayard

Pierre Bayard is the author of Comment parler des livres qu’on n’a pas lus (How to talk about books you haven’t read) and Comment parler des lieux où l’on n’a pas été (How to talk about places you’ve never been),...

/ February 8, 2016

Job, Primo Levi and The Search for Roots

Manuela Consonni, professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, reads from Primo Levi’s 1981 book, The Search for Roots in which Levi reflects on the biblical story of Job.

/ February 2, 2016