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Book Presentation: The Works of Elena Ferrante. Reconfiguring the Margins – Separating Fad from Substance

On the occasion of the publication of The Works of Elena Ferrante. Reconfiguring the Margins (2016, Palgrave Macmillan). Edited by Grace Russo Bullaro and Stephanie V. Love. Editor Grace Russo Bullaro in conversation with Rebecca Falkoff (NYU). The first collection of its...

/ April 13, 2017

Review: Rainbow Republic lampoons Italian foot-dragging over LGBTQ rights

In his latest novel, Fabio Canino imagines a country set aside for minorities still stifled in his native Italy.

/ February 14, 2017
Eiffel Tower

How to fight Nazis with art

Surrealism and politics meet in The Last Days of New Paris.

/ December 5, 2016

Bright Magic: Stories by Alfred Döblin

Deutsches Haus at NYU and the New York Institute for the Humanities at NYU present a reading by Damion Searls of his new translation of Alfred Döblin’s Bright Magic: Stories, and a conversation between the translator and Eric Banks, Director...

/ November 4, 2016

The Ernie O’Malley Lecture: Creating a Catholic Popular Culture

In this eighteenth annual Ernie O’Malley lecture, Dr. Eileen P. Sullivan discusses the nineteenth-century popular novels that defined Irish American identity and transformed American Catholic culture. The more than thirty novels, spanning the period from the 1830s to the 1870s,...

/ October 20, 2016

Leitmotif Siegfried

he NYU Department of German and Deutsches Haus at NYU present “Leitmotif Siegfried,” a lecture by Laurence A. Rickels. In his lecture „Leitmotif Siegfried,“ Laurence A. Rickels reenters the exchange between Walter Benjamin and Alexander Mette, which led to Mette’s...

/ October 17, 2016
Peter Wohlleben

Peter Wohlleben shows off “The Hidden Life of Trees”

The German naturalist tells us that trees have feelings too

/ October 16, 2016

Book. Game Over: The inside story of the Greek crisis

Book discussion with author George Papacostantinou (Greek Finance Minister 2009-2011).

/ October 12, 2016

500 years of Jewish history—from the Venetian Ghetto

Donatella Calabi presented her new book Venice, the Jews and Europe 1516–2016 at the Rizzoli Bookstore.

/ September 20, 2016

Fait et fiction. Pour une frontière

A talk with Françoise Lavocat, professor of comparative literature at Sorbonne. Author of La Syrinx au bûcher, Pan et les satyres à la renaissance et à l’âge baroque; La théorie littéraire des mondes possibles; Fait et fiction. Pour une frontière.

/ March 22, 2016