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Empress of the East: How a European Slave Became Queen of the Ottoman Empire

The extraordinary story of the Russian slave girl Roxelana, who rose from concubine to become the only queen of the Ottoman empire. In Empress of the East, historian Leslie Peirce tells the remarkable story of a Christian slave girl, Roxelana, who...

/ October 3, 2017

Zohra Drif recounts Algeria’s struggle against French colonialism

A symbol of the Algerian liberation movement, Drif presented her memoir Inside the Battle of Algiers at NYU last week.

/ September 25, 2017

On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century

Lecture by Timothy Snyder, the Housum Professor of History at Yale University and author of a new book On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century, an essential guide to survival and resistance for our time (Tim Duggan Books; February 28,...

/ September 18, 2017

Gender Equality in Law: Uncovering the Legacies of Czech State Socialism

Gender Equality in Law: Uncovering the Legacies of Czech State Socialism A Talk and Book Presentation by Barbara Havelkova, PhD Bohemian National Hall 321 E 73 Str, 3rd Floor New York City RSVP: newyork@svu2000.org Gender equality law in Czechia, as in...

/ September 13, 2017

Vital Subjects: Race and Biopolitics in Italy

Book presentation: Vital Subjects. Race and Biopolitics in Italy (1860-1920) (2016, Liverpool University Press) by Rhiannon Noel Welch (Rutgers University). The author in conversation with David Forgacs (NYU) and Ann Morning (NYU). Moderated by Ara Merjian (NYU) and Rebecca Falkoff (NYU) Since...

/ April 10, 2017

Reading as the angels read: Speculation and Politics in Dante’s “Banquet”

Book presentation of Reading as the Angels Read. Speculation and Politics in Dante’s Banquet (2016, University of Toronto Press) by Maria Luisa Ardizzone (NYU). The author in conversation with Teodolinda Barolini (Da Ponte Professor, Columbia University), introduced by Jane Tylus (NYU), with Simone...

/ March 1, 2017

Branding the ‘Beur’ Author: Minority Writing and the Media in France, 1983-2013

Institute of French Studies Book Presentation Kathryn Kleppinger completed her PhD in French literature and French Studies at New York University in 2011, and is assistant professor of French and Francophone Studies at George Washington University. Her first book, Branding...

/ February 8, 2017

Crony capitalism? How about crony socialism?

Reagan didn’t bring down the USSR, Chris Miller says. Bureaucrats did.

/ February 2, 2017

Book presentation: Rainbow Republic

Book presentation of Rainbow Republic (2016, Mondadori), by Fabio Canino. Both the book and the presentation are in Italian. Cosa succederebbe se un giorno la Grecia, ridotta in ginocchio dal default economico, venisse progressivamente acquistata e occupata dalla comunità omosessuale globale? La risposta...

/ February 1, 2017

A Man Called Ove: Book Talk with Fredrik Backman

Swedish author Fredrik Backman joins us at Scandinavia House for an informal discussion of his work, including his New York Times best-selling novel A Man Called Ove. A Man Called Ove is Backman’s delightfully quirky debut novel in which a...

/ December 12, 2016