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Kyle is a physicist-turned-scribbler educated in Tulsa, Vienna and New York. Raised in the desert wilds of New Mexico, Kyle is not a cowboy—though he has been on a horse two or three times. Kyle’s writing has appeared in the Bigheart Times, This Land Magazine, and Kyle is the founding editor of the New York Transatlantic

Why the European Court of Justice killed safe harbor

Max Schrems, the 20-something law student whose lawsuit triggered the end of the “safe harbor” data transfer agreement between the European Union and the United States, is scheduled to speak tomorrow at NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. Yesterday I...

/ February 22, 2016

Europa in Review

Here’s Kyle’s weekly roundup of news and readings from around Europe. This week: Political typography, or “Brexit and boldface”; One reason that Bosnia will have a hard time getting into the EU; and The past catches up with you (again)....

/ February 21, 2016
Aile and grandmother

A cinematic introduction to Sápmi

The arctic landscapes of Sápmi bear a surprising resemblance to my native New Mexico. The sky opens up; the vegetation retreats, as though satisfied to play a supporting role in the visual drama; in both places, the uninterrupted vista is...

/ February 20, 2016

Confronting Italy’s colonial ‘adventure’ in Ethiopia

The most startling moment in “If Only I Were That Warrior”—and there are many startling moments—might be when Giuseppe, an Italian agronomist and military history enthusiast, offers a short catalogue of “Italian” habits adopted by Ethiopians in the years since...

/ February 13, 2016

Euro-optimism despite Euro-crises

Anthony Teasdale, the director general of the European Parliamentary Research Service, gave a talk February 8 at Deutsches Haus NYU, replacing Klaus Welle, who had been scheduled to speak. Welle, secretary-general of the European Parliament, was called back to Brussels...

/ February 10, 2016