The New York Transatlantic is Europe’s home away from home in New York City. We know, you thought that that was the European Delegation to the United Nations. But no, it’s right here, where the NYTA team admires (and periodically chastises) its charming crush across the pond. Whether Europhile or Euroskeptic, each of us feels some strange fascination with that second most diminutive of continents, and its here where we quibble, ponder, fret over and generally wrestle with Europe.

Which Europe, you ask? An excellent question. What exactly counts as Europe seems to change almost as regularly as the weather. At The New York Transatlantic we take Europe at its most broad: not merely the European Union of 28, but the Europe of 47 that composes the Council of Europe. (Naturally we also include Belarus and Kosovo.) As our name suggests, we’re also interested in the wider transatlantic world and the Mediterranean, and in everything from policy to art.

The NYTA editorial team came together under the the roof of NYU’s Center for European and Mediterranean Studies. We wanted to create a hybrid blog/online magazine that would capture the variety and depth to “thinking Europe” that New York City supports, not least through the likes of CEMS, whose leaders were kind enough to sponsor this project with a small operating budget.

The dozens of talks, concerts, film screenings, festivals and conferences put on by New York City’s various European organizations are our bread and butter here. We can’t cover everything, but we’re working to get a broad cross-section of “Europa in New York” as a foundation from which to launch original reporting projects. So if there’s a topic or an event that you think we ought to cover, send us an email. We like mail.

The personalities behind The New York Transatlantic are …


Kyle Walker / kyle@nyta.us

nyta2Kyle is a physicist-turned-scribbler educated in Tulsa, Vienna and New York. Currently causing headaches at NYU’s journalism school, Kyle spends his free time poring over tomes thick with arcane European lore while riding the subway.

Kyle has a sneaking suspicion that he was born in the wrong century, but is pleased to find this one well-equipped with running water and antibiotics. Raised in the desert wilds of New Mexico, Kyle is not a cowboy—though he has been on a horse two or three times. Kyle’s writing has appeared in the Bigheart Times, This Land Magazine, and Inverse.com.

Kyle Loves: that one song by Toto.

He Hates: Earl grey with too much bergamot.

Deputy Editors

Daniel Hoffman / editor@nyta.us


A French native, Daniel has lived in Israel and the US in recent years. He is currently completing an M.A. in Journalism and European Studies at NYU.

His work has appeared in Haaretz, The Forward, The Times of Israel and Bedford + Bowery in English and in La Vie, RTL and Le Parisien Magazine in French.


Simone Somekh / @simonsays101

nyta1Born and raised in Turin, in Northern Italy, Simone is the only Turinese who doesn’t know how to ski. However, he compensates by doing many other things, such as writing those long YouTube comments no one ever reads and drinking a ginger shot every morning.

He’s pursued a B.A. at Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv, Israel, with a thesis on Beyoncé and has worked with publications based in Milan, Jerusalem, New York, Tokyo, and Berlin, covering a wide range of topics. At Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2015, he was the youngest reporter to work in the press room. His byline has appeared in Wired Italy, The Times of IsraelThe Jerusalem Post, and Corriere della Sera. He is easily corruptible with espresso shots and vegan burgers.

His greatest aspiration in life is to get his Twitter account verified, so if you know someone at Twitter, please be in touch.

Ben Dalton / @wbend

One of a few Americans to voluntarily exile himself to Siberia, Ben Dalton was raised in Pennsylvania, from which he derived his love for crumbling industrial infrastructure. He lives in Brooklyn but is eyeing Jersey.

He studied international relations at Brown University and worked in communications for the International Crisis Group and World Learning. His work has appeared in The Diplomat, CNN, The Christian Science Monitor, and New Eurasia.

Reach him at ben@nyta.us.


Alec Newell

12694770_10154048733026802_7903871760718433787_oAlec Newell is currently pursuing his M.A. with the Center for European and Mediterranean Studies at NYU. He received a B.A. in Historical Studies from Bard College in 2015. When not studying the history of 20th century British culture, he enjoys moonlighting as a critic of contemporary music, film, and all things both art and pop culture.



Stephanie Sugars / @stephanie_alena

Stephanie SugarsStephanie was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico as a shameless green chile addict, avid reader and habitual goof (exhibit A: her attempts to climb boulders). Having studied international relations and anthropology at the College of Wooster, she’s taken up the NYC struggle. She is a managing editor with the Journal of Political Inquiry. Her work has appeared in Muftah, Civic Ideas and Balkan Diskurs.


Kelly Davis

Kelly is pursuing her Master’s Degree at the Center European and Mediterranean Studies at NYU. After realizing that studying people’s perceptions of guns in Europe is not as fascinating as it sounds to an American, she now places her focus on the issues of quality of and access to education, the urgent problems that accompany climate change, and the leadership systems and effectiveness of political and social activism.