The runway at Torino’s 2017 Fashion Week looked like a regular fashion show, with elaborate fabrics, shawls, lights and cheering. But there was one big exception: the clothes modeled here were “modest,” designed to reveal as little bare skin as possible.

The second annual Torino Fashion Week took place between June 27th and July 3rd in Turin, Italy. The shows took place at the Murazzi, a walking area adjacent to the Po River known for its nightlife. Throughout the event, the catwalk hosted both local designers and a group of international “modest designers” selected by the Islamic Fashion and Design Council. Designers from Bahrain, South Africa and Turkey were among the participants.

The decision to feature Muslim-inspired fashion is the latest of several initiatives that mayor Chiara Appennino has promoted for the local Muslim community, including launching the Turin Islamic Economic Forum.

There are an estimated 50,000 Muslims living in the city, which was the first in Italy to open a Muslim prayer room in its airport in 2015. Appennino, from the Five Star Movement, has often been criticized for her attempts to integrate the Muslim community into the city, such as the opening of the country’s first Islamic bank and her proposal to facilitate “sharia compliant” mortgages.

Below are some of our favorite pieces from the shows.


The Saidi sisters, two American sisters with Somali background, created Fllumaé with the belief that “no woman should ever feel forced to compromise fashion or faith.”

MakCun and Khalif

Fatima Eirma’s designs focus on “purity and modernity.” A colorful touch—here utilizing the batik fabric—enriches her rich, yet simple style.


From her office in Dubai, Chenille’s creative director and designer Afsana Haji combines traditional and modern styles, mixing Eastern and Western influences for a unique final product. Those pockets are everything!


Minimal, classy, almost timeless: Insaniyah stays faithful to a series of modest shades and fabrics, and adds a touch of color at the very end, in order to fully release the energy of her pieces.

Juwyriya Hersy

Juwyriya Hersy’s collection focuses on long, eclectic skirts for a versatile, young wardrobe.


Established in Istanbul in 2013, Feradje is now based in London, but its ready-to-wear pieces are sold all over the world, from the United States to the Emirates.

Photos: Federico Bernini / Courtesy of Torino Fashion Week.

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