We are thrilled to present you with the New York Transatlantic, the newly launched publication of NYU’s Center for European and Mediterranean Studies.

For many years, the Center put out a monthly newsletter for New York’s community of Europhiles. A group of students from NYU’s Global Journalism program decided to bring that newsletter to the web and created a site dedicated to the European news and cultural events of the Big Apple.

The New York Transatlantic features a one-stop calendar aimed to help our readers navigate the numerous local events related to Europe and the Mediterranean. Every week we publish a handful of news articles, opinion pieces, reviews and long-form features for your enjoyment.

Take a look at our website, Europe’s home away from home in New York City: www.nyta.us

Learn more about our team in the About page, and be sure to follow our exciting journey on social media:






The Editorial Team


Kyle Walker – Editor

Daniel Hoffman – Deputy Editor

Simone Somekh – Deputy Editor

Posted by Simone Somekh

Born and raised in Turin, Italy, Simone Somekh has lived in Italy, Israel and the United States. He is currently pursuing an M.A. in Journalism and European & Mediterranean Studies at New York University. He is the author of the novel Grandangolo, released in Italian in 2017. Follow him on Twitter @simonsays101

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